TeleCrane for forks

Using TeleCrane, you can quickly and dramatically improve health and safety at work. Blocks and tiles of up to 50 kg are lifted, transported and placed easily, without straining the back. The results will show up directly on your bottom line as your employees will be able to work more efficiently, avoiding back injuries and sick days, which will result in faster installations.

Speed ​​and range

TeleCrane combines outstanding speed and range. With the unique pneumatic hoist the operator move an item weightless with a range of up to 8 meters without moving the construction machine.

The special "float mode" means that a lifted burden, in contrast to the electrical lifting systems, can move freely up and Down during installation of each block. This makes it so easy to set the blocks withTeleCrane, that it can be performed with at least the same speed as done manually- only without the strain on your back.


TeleCrane is a unique crane that fits on the forks of most construction machines. TeleCrane has built-in 24 Volt supply unit, which allows it to start immediately without connection to external supply voltage.

When using TeleCrane for a longer period, connect the machine to 230 Volt, which also automatically charges the internal battery pack. TeleCrane are available with various grippers for lifting foundation blocks, LECA blocks and paving stones weighing up to 50 kg.

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