Winlet 350 and Winlet 350TH - for lifting windows

Winlet 350​

Using the Winlet 350 window robot for lifting windows, you can quickly and dramatically improve health and safety at work. Window elements weighing up to 350 kg can be lifted, transported and installed easily, without straining the back. The results will show up directly on your bottom line as your employees will be able to work more efficiently, avoiding back injuries and sick days, which will result in faster installations without damages to the glass.


Finally - a window robot which improves efficiency and meets the increasing requirements from national Occupational Health & Safety Administrations.



​As the market's only window robot the Winlet 350 has an intelligent overload protection, which ensures that the machine is not overloaded. When 90% of the maximum load capacity is reached, the alarm is flashing and if the machine is overloaded the alarm lights up and all cylinders can only run inwards.



All the lifting and tilting functions are integrated into a multi-function control panel in an operator-friendly design with integrated pushbuttons and indicator lights. The panel has also embedded monitoring and control of the machine's dual-circuit vacuum system.

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Winlet 350TH

​Winlet 350TH are used for lifting and installation of windows in building construction, where the altitude causes the standard Winlet can not be used or where site conditions make maneuverability difficult.

Winlet 350TH is available as standard with fork pockets which are appropriate for all machines or with Quick Shift for Telehandler. In addition, the Winlet 350TH have a hydraulic system which makes it independent from the forklift.

Maximum capacity and safety

Winlet 350TH has no less than 350 kg lifting capacity and has a 2-circuit vacuum system which provides great security. The impressive 500 mm telescopic feature allows mounting of elements in places where other machines give up.

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