Lifting with truck

GMV A/S has designed the perfect lifting equipment for stackers, picking trucks, etc.: Ergolift.

Ergolift can pick right inside the rack. It can be delievered as customized solutions and can be integrated into either used or new vehicles. Identical for all solutions are better working environment, higher efficiency and fewer injuries.

Increased safety

  • Electronic load guard increases safety against overturning
  • Intelligent vacuum monitoring ensures that there can only be lifted when sufficient vacuum in the suction cups
  • Electronic lower and upper limit switch protects the hoist rope
  • Audible alarm during power failure increases operator safety


Great Benefits

  • Very low working height
  • Can lift all the way into the rack
  • Low energy consumption
  • Supplied with customer-specific integrated gripping tools or vacuum suction
  • Energy Saving on the vacuum pump ensures long service life of batteries


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