BAL-TROL pneumatic manipulator

GMV A/S are supplier of the complete program of BAL-TROL lifters.

​For all types of industries:

BAL-TROL lifters are available in various shapes and can be used in a wide range of industries:

  • At the warehouse
  • Transport and logistics
  • Food and medical industry
  • Industrial manufacturing companies


Lifting capacity and lifting height can be customized as needed, and the lifters are delievered with a capacity from 2 kg - 1 ton. The potiential lifting height is between 0.3 meters and 3 meters and BAL-TROL can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

When mounting the BAL-TROL we recommend the use of light rail systems, for example our aluminum rail systems.​

Control handles or cancellation

BAL-TROL can be mounted with various handles to control the up-/down-function or with a unique cancellation feature so that the lifted items are handled in weightlessness.

Speed ​​Handle or Sensi-Touch

Should be used when lifting many different products. Lifting and lowering speeds are continuously adjustable. A built-in flexibility in the BAL-TROL allows fine adjustment of the load position of approx. + / -5 cm, simply by affecting the burden manually.


Grabbing Tools

The design of an effective grapping tool is the key to optimal and safe lifting. We develop in collaboration with the client a tool that is tailored to the individual task. Grabbing tool can be based on, for example vacuum, magnets or pneumatics.


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