BASIC - faster and easier lifting

Basic is an all-round lifter, perfect for distribution centers and warehouses where lifting of boxes and similar products must take place quickly and smoothly.

Handling the lifter

As soon as Basic's vacuum pads lands on the box, they are automatically attached and ready to lift. The user controls the speed and the height of the gripper in proportion to the two buttons for up and down. The more a key is pressed, the faster it moves up or down. Because of proportionality, and the endless rotation of the vacuum head, the box can be easily placed in the desired position. For maximum speed, the box can be released into the air by a separate pressure with your thumb on the red release button.

Quick change - quick lift

The handle is specially designed to fit both left and right handed users, regardless of hand size and without modification to switch from right to left. Due to the ergonomic design and lightweight operating system it is very easy for new users to learn to operate the Basic lifter. The difference from lifting manually or with another liftinggear and the use of Basic is clearly.

Saving energy

Basic is pneumatically driven and requires only a few percent of the energy that traditional vacuum lifters use. This leads to beneficial effects on both the economy and the environment, and makes the lifter very silent.

Safety first

Basic is a safe lifting gear. It is not possible to lift anything when the vacuum level is below the preset. If the vacuum level drops during lifting, the Basic slowly lower the lift with the item.

To release the item there are two possibilities:

1. Slip into the air - a clear press on the red release button releases the item.

2. Set the item down first - will not release the item before it rests securely on a surface, and the user presses the red release button.

See photos of the BASIC lifter:

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