Lift&Drive is the perfect solution when you should manage different types of materials in various environments. The management may consist of transporting materials from one job or lifting, twisting and spinning materials. 

Our long experience of customized solutions means we can always deliver a solution that is just right for your situation.

Lift&Drive is available in three series:

P – Professional come with individual customizations and are based on endless modular opportunities.

IE - Industrial Eco practical and adapted for use in Industrial applications.

E – ECO come as standardized preset base models and offer loads of options to choose from.


All series are available in painted or stainless steel.

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MobiCrane is a mobile and flexible crane with infinite possibilities. Designed for handling sheet material, sacks, boxes and bespoke products up to 85 kg. The lift generated by a built-in motor. Since MobiCrane is built of different modules, it is
easy to put together a tap as needed. MobiCrane mounted on a floor plate is very easy to move around in the workshop, with a standard hand pallet truck.
MobiCrane can be installed in different ways, directly on the floor, in the wall or on an existing machine. If you wish a mobile crane mounted on one of our self-supporting bottenlattor, choose battery or AC power, no installation required.

MobiArm – adjustable and mobile

An excellent complement to conventional column mounted cranes, to mount the lifting equipment, such as our vacuum
tube lifters Easyhand or VacuHand, or a hoist. Maximum load is 100 kg with a 2 meter arm. You can arm lengths 2-4 feet.

MobiArm with a fixed or adjustable column mounted on one of our floor tiles can be easily moved around in production by means of a manual pallet truck.

MobiArm can be delivered without pillars and floor pan. Then, by means of a bracket mounted directly on a wall or a machine.

MobiCrane og MobiArm

Download brochures about MobiCrane and MobiArm here

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