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GMV A/S is a distributor of Stockmaster - professional ladders and picking equipment. Stockmasters ladders and picking equipment are stable, safe and easy to maneuver around. They are available in 5 different models, depending on the industry and requirements:


Stockmaster Navigator can be moved around using minimal effort, and do it much faster than other competing products. It can be used as a trolley (most others can not). The Navigator is available with a railing system that can be customized to the job and automatically closing the door. Ideal for picking up smaller boxes/items.

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Stockmaster LIFT-Truk is an easy and safe way to "pick" heavier items. Boxes/supplies weighing up to 60 kg can be picked, lowered and transported in one step. The whole process can be safely and easily handled by one person using a simple and safe winding mechanism (manual model) or remote (electric model).

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A powerful mobile platform for regular maintenance or inspection.
Stockmaster TRACKER is easy to move around using two big wheels, sturdy handles, and the large fenced platform makes it easy to work in heights.

The platform can be adjusted into three different positions providing a better ergonomic working position during picking tasks, maintenance tasks or in other situations.

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Provides mobile passage for access to vehicles and elevated storage areas. Available with perforated steps for improved safety for outdoor use.

The dangerous practice to climb up and jump off the truck or the use of step ladders to gain access to high-altitude locations are eliminated, reducing the risk of accidents.

Easy to maneuver around using two big wheels that move easily over uneven surfaces.

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Easy and safe access to the upper floors, loft rooms and space above offices, tea rooms and similar. The ladder is secured to the upper level using two universal brackets, and when not in use store it flat against a wall.

With Stockmaster MEZZALAD you can make use of all the space that you pay for!

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