Vaculex/Microlex tube lifters

We distribute the complete program of lifters and accessories from Vaculex AB.

The program consists of two series:

Microlex to lift loads up to 30 kg.

Vaculex to lift loads up to 200 kg.

For all industries

Vaculex / Microlex lifters come in many shapes and can be used in many industries:

  • At the warehouse
  • Transport and logistics
  • Food and medical industry
  • Industrial manufacturing companies

​Wide range of accessories

We have a large selection of standard accessories for all lifters. Since the systems are modular, it is also

easy to add afterwards.

The suction cup is one of the most important elements of a complete solution. We have many different suction

cups that are suitable for most types of products. If one of the standard suction cups are not suitable, we can

always offer a customized solution.


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