GMV Handling A/S is a 25 year old production company. We are specialized in developing and manufacturing lifting and handling equipment formanual heavy lifting in construction- and general industry.

GMV Handling A/S produces a range of products marketed in Denmark and on export markets through a well-developed distribution network. Please send an e-mail to if you require further information about any of our products or one of our dealers.

The company'sown products include:

• Winlet
• Ergomover
• ErgoLoader
• Ergolift
• VacBeam
• Crane Solutions for industry

The company also has a number of agencies in Denmark. These agencies include

• BAL-TROL pneumatic manipulators
• Movomech aluminum rails and manipulators
• Vaculex vacuum tube lifters
• SWF chain hoists
• Pronomic lifting equipment

In addition, GMV Handling A/S specializes in manufacturing customer-specific lifting and handling equipment - as we sell custom suspension systems and jib cranes.

Contact Us

Phone: +45 7573 8247


CVR-nummer: DK-21801283

North Office

Industrivej 10

DK -7620 Lemvig

South Office

Industriparken 1

DK - 7182 Bredsten